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We live in a society that is constantly dividing. We label people, assigning them different camps and embracing a sense of “us” vs. “them.” You only need to mention COVID-19, and immediately “vaccinated” versus “unvaccinated” springs to mind. Jesus never called us to sit in our own camps, across a great divide. He called us to come alongside others. To create an atmosphere of “on earth as it is in heaven” and run parallel with the Kingdom of God. It’s time to redefine the world’s understanding of what it means to be part of a church community.

Comeback SZN

We've all experienced setbacks in life. Sometimes life just doesn't go our way. But, if we are meant to live life the way God intended, we cannot remain in our setbacks. How can we comeback from seasons of setback? Join us this weekend as Pastor Kelly kicks off our new series, Comeback SZN where he will share four biblical principles for a strong comeback!

Songs of Summer

Sometimes it's hard to recognize God amid a storm. We can feel like Peter trusting God one moment, suddenly finding ourselves sinking the next. Did we hear wrong? Where is God? Discover how to be a water walker this weekend at MyVictory.

The Kingdom

We love to focus on “All these things will be added,” but how often have you missed the emphasis on the first part of this sentence, “his kingdom?” So, what is His kingdom exactly and how does it apply to us?

The Escape

We are often quicker to condemn than we are to forgive. But Jesus showed an example of love and acceptance, so why don’t we follow that? In John 8, the teachers of the law and the Pharisees brought the woman caught in adultery to Jesus, but Jesus never condemned her. So why are we so different from Jesus?

Fill in the Blank

How would you fill in this blank? Christianity is _____. Jesus is _____. Or even church is _____. Would your neighbours or community define it differently?

The Space Between

Every marriage is a union between two individuals who bring to it their own opinions, personality quirks, and values. It’s no wonder that even in very happy marriages couples must cope with gaps and marital issues. Some conflicts are minor irritants, but others can seem overwhelmingly complex and intense. Too often couples feel mired in conflict or have distanced themselves from each other as a protective device. Gaps between couples can start small but left undealt with can grow big enough to ruin even the strongest relationship. In The Space Between Us, discover the keys to identifying and bridging the gaps that occur in every relationship.

The Fear Virus

Fear is everywhere. It permeates our society. It bleeds out in irrational responses, unfulfilled dreams, broken promises, increased anxiety or loneliness. And though some may hide it better than others, we all suffer from it. In fact, you could be missing out on God's best for your life because fear is choking out your future. It is the Fear Virus. But what if there was a way to vaccinate our hearts and minds against life’s greatest fears? To overcome and step out into all that God has called you to?

Are You Tired?

Six Hundred men battled with David in 1 Samuel and returned home from war to find everything and everyone they fought for, was lost. Exhaustion and heartache overwhelmed them. In response, some sank to their knees in despair while others found impossible resilience to carry on. What made these men so different? Where did they find this strength to continue despite their circumstances? Discover the key to overcoming weariness this weekend at MyVictory.

A Change of Perspective

How did so many people in Israel miss the arrival of their long-awaited Messiah? Were they looking for all the wrong signs? 2020 has been a crazy year. Negativity, disappointment, weariness and strife abound. What if, like the Israelites, we are focused on the wrong things? What could we learn from their mistakes so we don’t miss what God is doing today?

Holly Jolly Christmas

Do you remember what Christmas was like when you were a young child? The anticipation of Christmas morning? As we grow older, that sense of wonder can shift. But Christmas was meant to be filled with joy. How do we keep our childlike faith and joy alive in a world filled with demands and responsibility? Learn to hold onto joy, laugh freely again, and have fun this Christmas season.

Help! My Marriage Is In Trouble

A few months ago, we polled our church asking for questions about relationships. We had a lot of amazing questions come in, and the nature of those revealed that there are a number of relationships in serious trouble. In our new series, Help! My Marriage Is in Trouble, we are going to tackle some of these questions and take a deep dive into some of the marriage and relationship struggles that are seldom talked about in church.


With all the craziness going on in the world and the distractions of this year, it is easy for us to lose focus and to drift in our vision and purpose. In this series, we are going to go through the letters written to the seven churches in Revelation. There were real churches that went through real problems that we can learn and grow from. That is why Jesus had John write these letters. He wanted to keep the church on target, fulfilling His mission to reach the world with the Good News. This series is a job review of how we are doing as a church.


What does it take to go from ordinary to extraordinary? Maybe you've had that feeling before that there's more to life than what you're experiencing right now. A hunger for something extra. Where do we find that extra? What if all we need for that extra is what we already have? What if what we need is who we already are?

Me, Myself, & Why

What you don’t know about yourself can hurt you and your relationships and how you make your way in the world. It can also keep your relationship with God shallow. Do you want help figuring out who you are, how to maximize your unique God-given strengths, and why you repeatedly stumble into the same self-defeating patterns? This series will help you understand yourself and those in the world around you.

Stranger Things

Isn’t parenting strange sometimes? Especially right now with everyone at home. School is out, routines are thrown off, and your kids may be going a little stir crazy. What are we to do in times like these? Join Pastor Kelly for our new series, Stranger Things, as he dives into a speech Moses gave thousands of years ago and pulls out some valuable lessons all parents can equip themselves with. Parenting doesn’t have to be strange.


When we go through challenges, happiness can seem hard to find. The reality of the circumstances that surround us can bog us down and cloud our vision. But joy is not affected but the external. It’s not a fickle feeling but an emotional condition. How do we fight for our joy when times are tough?

Mother's Day

Comparison is rampant in this age of social media. We are constantly comparing our behind the scenes to everyone else’s highlight reels. It can be hard to keep up. This Mother’s Day, Pastor Kelly and Joy-Lynn bring some encouragement to moms who may be struggling with “comparenting” and remind everyone that it’s okay not to be okay.

Fake News

Ever wondered if the doubt we sometimes struggle with affects our faith? Believed someone died of sickness because their faith wasn't strong enough? That maybe if we had more faith, God would answer our prayers? Is that what Jesus said? You might be surprised.

Good Friday

When Jesus was crucified, He hung on the cross between two criminals. Barrabas, one of the criminals, was the first undeserving sinner to be set free by Jesus. This Good Friday, we are taking a look at the crucifixion story through his eyes.

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is a story often skipped over in the Easter celebration. To many, it doesn’t seem to hold a lot of significance in comparison to the events afterwards. But there is so much to be learned from Jesus’s entry to Jerusalem. This Palm Sunday, join Pastor Kelly as he unpacks this story and explains how each event points us to a deeper trust in God.

The 5 Love Languages

Genesis 5:1 says we are made in the “likeness of God.” If we as humans possess the five love languages, God must as well. How do we best express love to Him through these five things?

This Is Us

Everyone has a family. And every family has a story. There’s no such thing as a perfect marriage or family. And that’s ok. Discover how to embrace the story that God is writing in your life, both the good and the bad, and see yourself and your loved ones honestly, and say, “You know what? This is us.”

De Tabell

We as believers all sit around a table. From newly saved to mature followers, we all have a chair. What seat are you in? And how do you move to the next?

Pay It Forward

Generosity is about more than money. It’s true - there are realities when it comes to budgets and chequing accounts, but you can create your own life of generosity even when finances feel tight. Let’s think about generosity in a new way!


There are over 1,500 organizations like eharmony that were created to help us fall in love. While it’s easy to fall in love, many of us have not been equipped to stay in love. How do we maintain healthy relationships and fight for unity?