How to Give

How to Give Online

  1. Click here or go to and click the large red “give my tithe” button.
  2. Select Campus or designation from drop down menu. You can add multiple donations to the transaction. For example; give to one of the campuses and to Not4Sale at the same time!)
  3. Select your occurrence. (One time or reoccurring.)
  4. Enter your email address. (All donation records become attached to that email account and can be used to log in to see your giving dashboard in the future).
  5. Enter your payment method.
  6. Click the big give button.

You will be emailed your receipt.

Want to learn more, set up reoccurring donations or access your giving account? Watch the video guide for next steps.

 Got Questions?

We are happy to help.
Just give us a call at 403-320-1565 and we will walk you through the process.

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