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Join us in person this week.

Life is better together. Facetime, Skype, and Zoom are great, but nothing beats being together… like really together. We are reopening and reconnecting. Make sure you register to reserve your spot. Also, you can still join us online Sunday at 10:30AM, and 8:00PM.

Choose a location below and we’ll take you to register for the next event:


Dear MyVictory Church,


I know many of you are eager to begin worshiping face-to-face again and as Alberta slowly begins to reopen, it seems as if that might happen sooner rather than later. In conjunction with the government’s new relaunch guidance for places of worship just released last week, I, along with the board of elders and staff, have developed the following strategy to slowly and safely resume reopening our facilities and corporate gatherings.

Before rolling out the plan, I want to stress an important point. It would be easy for the details surrounding reopening to create division in the church. Some may feel as if we are not moving quickly enough, and others might be concerned that this plan moves too fast. In this season, we’re asking for an abundance of grace and understanding for the people of MyVictory Church.

As you’ll see in this plan, at every phase we’re attempting to offer multiple opportunities to participate in our services in order to accommodate the varying circumstances of the individuals and campuses who make up MyVictory. Some of you are in a high-risk category and may want to consider returning to public gatherings slower than others. Some of our families will have to decide what works best for parents and children until we’re able to offer our full kid’s ministry again.

Please know that however you choose to worship with us in the coming months, the MyVictory team is thankful for you and praying for you. Regardless of what your Sunday morning looks like over the next few weeks, we’re going to continue to grow closer to Jesus together and love others well.

If you have any questions about this plan or you’re not quite sure how to re-engage, please contact us by replying to this email and we’ll be happy to get you connected.

Here is what we anticipate for the next few months at MyVictory Church. Again, things could dramatically change if there are new developments in our situation. We will be adhering to Alberta’s guidelines for mass gatherings as we work through this progression.


Step 1: May 24 – May 31 (House Churches)
Service Options:

  1. Connect Group House Churches – Beginning May 24, we are encouraging individuals at MyVictory Church who want to worship with others on the weekends to find a Connect Group to join for “house church” worship. Each location will stream the service online. Individuals are encouraged to find or create groups on their own or there will be a pre-approved list of options available on our website at myvictory.ca. Some of these groups will accommodate children so make sure to check with your host about the details. We will ask individuals to register for their home church location before Sunday to ensure gathering regulations are adhered to. If you have recently been sick or in contact with someone who has had COVID-19, please refrain from this option. The following guidelines, presented by the government of Alberta, must be adhered to within house churches:
    • Singing with members not part of the same household is not permitted.
    • Food cannot be served or shared.
    • Children from differing households are not permitted to interact within two meters of each other.
    • Participants must maintain social distancing regulations by staying 6ft. apart.
  2. Live Streaming – We will continue to stream our weekly services as we have for the past couple of months for those who cannot or would prefer not to gather in homes.


Step 2: June 7 – June 28 (Staff and Volunteers)
Service Options:

  1. Capture Events – We will invite a group of 50 volunteers/staff members to a message recording event in Lethbridge. The purpose of this is two-fold. Firstly, it will allow me to preach to an in-person audience as opposed to cameras. Secondly, it will allow us to train our volunteers on how to prepare for our new health and safety guidelines and restrictions before being re-opened to the public.
  2. In-Person Services – Barring any setbacks, MyVictory will host in-person services in Taber and Claresholm (where we own our facilities). Lloydminster and Okotoks will be subject to their rental properties availability. These services will take place in a modified form and will be invite-only as we focus on training our volunteers on how to prepare for our new health and safety guidelines. We will be adhering to the Alberta Government’s Relaunch for Places of Worship guidelines in this phase. No children’s ministry will be offered. No coffee will be available. We will change the way we collect the offering to minimize contact. If needed, we will run multiple services to safely accommodate those who would like to worship with us in person.

    Here are the guidelines we will be training our volunteers on:

      • Attendees will register online for the service they plan to attend. The number of registrations will be limited to 50 people or to 33% of auditorium seating capacity (whichever is smaller).
      • Attendees will be seated in every other row with three chairs of separation between households. Following the service, guests will be dismissed row by row and in a manner that avoids cross traffic.
    • MASKS
      • Masks will be worn by all staff members and volunteers besides those on stage (for filming purposes). Attendees will be provided with a mask if they do not have one. Masks are not mandatory but strongly recommended.
      • Parking lot attendants will ensure that cars are parked in alternating stalls and will monitor social distancing by asking passengers to remain in their vehicles as necessary.
      • Greeters and ushers will guide guests through the lobby along a designated path directly to the auditorium. They will ensure proper distancing is maintained while seating guests. At the end of the service, they will guide guests to designated exits to avoid cross traffic.
      • Doors will be propped open to minimize touchpoints. Surfaces such as door handles and chairs will be sanitized before and after every service. Bathroom capacity will be reduced to half to ensure social distancing and will be disinfected before, during, and after every service. Access to rooms within the building will be limited to only necessary personnel.
      • We will encourage those who plan to attend to take the self-assessment (available on the Alberta website and linked to registration form) if they are experiencing any symptoms. Volunteers with medical training will be available near entrances to take temperatures of anyone exhibiting symptoms. Anyone exhibiting symptoms will be asked to return home and watch online.
  3. Drive-In Service – We are planning to host a Father’s Day drive-in service in Lethbridge. Stay tuned for the exciting details!
  4. Connect Groups House Churches – Those who are uncomfortable returning to our facilities can continue to meet with their Connect Group for worship during this time, adhering to the appropriate guidelines.
  5. Live Streaming – We will continue to stream our services for those who are uncomfortable or unable to gather at our facility or in homes with others.


Step 3: July 5 – August 30 (In-Person Services)
Service Options:

  1. In-Person Services – Barring any setbacks, MyVictory will host in-person services at all five of our physical campuses, maintaining the guidelines listed in Phase 2.
  2. Live Streaming – We will continue to stream our services for those who are uncomfortable or unable to gather at our facilities or in homes with others.


I hope this gives you some idea of what our reopening strategy at MyVictory might look like in the coming months. I can’t wait to see you again and I’m counting down the days until our first service back together. Know this, your safety and the safety of our community is my foremost priority. I know God has been at work the past few months and He will continue to work as we transition back to services together.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Pastor Kelly

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