Graduation is more than a simple ceremony and a piece of paper.

It’s about students giving themselves and their family a way to signal that they are, in fact, moving from one chapter of life to another. It’s about developing a success mindset that will propel them into the future. It’s about building up the confidence that “I can succeed because I’ve succeeded before” despite the difficulties or roadblocks they had to overcome.

So much of our future is driven (or limited) by our thinking.

The tension lies here: between who they are and who they could be, how it is and how it should be. Downplaying our success by missing the opportunity to celebrate even the smallest victories trains our brains that what we did wasn’t important enough to be proud off. Simply put, the lack of celebration will lead to a feeling of emptiness that will result in less focus and decreased performance over time. And we don’t believe any student should be restricted from celebrating who they are becoming because of financial difficulties or circumstances.

The Cinderella Project and Tux Shop was birthed out a desire to see all students celebrate their achievements. To help them expand their vision of who they could be, by celebrating how far they’ve come today. To remind them that what happened yesterday does not have to define what happens tomorrow.

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 20:5 that, "What you think on (your imagination) is a preview of your life's coming attractions.”

We believe if we can help a student imagine a better future, by celebrating all they’ve overcome, we can help build a better world.

Your vision determines the size of your miracle.

Will you partner with us?

Schools and Agencies

You know your kids best. The quiet ones that work hard in a broken home balancing babysitting their siblings with homework. The tough ones that work a full time job just to make ends meet while attending classes. The persistent ones that finish grade twelve despite living on their own. This students work hard and despite their circumstances overcome everything to make it. These are the students we are looking for. If you know of a young man or woman who should be a part of the program, please contact us.


We hope you would consider partnering with us in this endeavour to help these amazing students celebrate their graduation in 2018.

How you can help: 

  • A monetary donation
  • Dress donations, suits, etc (new and used)
  • Shoes and accessories
  • Services such as hair, make up and photography

MyCityCare relies on support of generous donors such as you. Your support will help ensure the success of our community, establish hope and equip those to have a better future. 

I was always so scared for graduation. I’ve been living in and out of my house since I was 16. I didn’t think I could do it on my own, because that’s what my stepdad always told me.

When I heard about the Cinderella Project I was shocked. I didn’t think people would just donate dresses for free like the way they did and it’s a huge blessing to be given something with so much value. It’s one day of your life that you can wear the most beautiful dress you want plus you are celebrating 13 years of school. It’s a huge accomplishment and I’m very thankful for all the people in my life who have pushed me to get to where I am today. I’m so thankful that MyVictory Church has this program and it has helped so many girls stuck in a situation like me.


How it Works:

Student names are confidentially submitted to the Cinderella Project. These young men and women are contacted and individual appointments are made for dress and suit fittings by a team of volunteers who value the students dignity and privacy. From hair and make-up to gowns and tuxes to professional photography sessions, each Cinderella and Prince Charming will experience a Cinderella moment to remember a lifetime.