My Victory Lloydminster

3909 - 12 Street, Lloydminster, Alberta

Sunday Mornings, 10:30am

My Victory Lloydminster, 3909 – 12 Street, Lloydminster, Alberta

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The website reported that the United States retail industry generated over 3 trillion US dollars during Christmas 2013. The average person spent $752 on gifts! This Christmas, let’s not just DO Christmas, let’s BE Christmas. Let’s worship fully, spend less, give more, and love all.

Shop of Wonders

We believe all kids should have a Christmas and that parents shouldn’t be forced to choose. We believe in empowering parents and providing dignity to families by resourcing them with what they need to bring Christmas to their children on Christmas Day. Will you partner with us?

December 17

Baptism is an outward symbolic act that represents an inward spiritual reality. The waters of baptism represent the grave. Going down into the water represents dying to your old way of living. And when we rise up out of the water, we are leaving behind the mess of who we were and rising up into your new life of following Jesus.
If you have not been baptized yet, this is an important part of your spiritual walk and this is your opportunity! Contact the office today.

Christmas Eve
December 24

Come join us for a night of storytelling and singing as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour Jesus.  6:30pm at MyVictory Lloydminster. Learn more

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