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Meet the Molyneuxs

Ralph & Cindy Molyneux, Site Pastors

Ralph and Cindy are long time residents of Lethbridge. They have three grown boys and a daughter-in-law. You will also likely hear them rave about their grandson, Dutch. They have a heart for people, helping them feel right at home at MyVictory and find all the potential God has for them.

Lethbridge Featured Events

June 17

Baptism is an outward symbolic act that represents an inward spiritual reality. When we rise up out of the water, we are leaving behind the mess of who we were and rising up into your new life of following Jesus.
If you have not been baptized yet, this is an important part of your spiritual walk and this is your opportunity! Contact the office today at 403-320-1565

Father’s Day
June 17

Summer at the Movies
July 22-Aug 19

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